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Meal worms

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Mine came today. I got three small tubs of worms and their bran feed. You put them into an ice cream tub and feed them small pieces of fruit/veg for moisture, then after a few weeks they become pupae and are transferred ot a second tub. Here they are left until they hatch into beetles. You then transfer the beetles to a third tub with more bran and fruit/veg and let them do what comes naturally. They will then lay eggs and die and the cycle starts again.


I have to admit they are a bit freaky but Abi is fascinated. If nothing else they make a good science project!!

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I started breeding in the summer... it is quite straightforward but all the stages take some time and after the eggs hatch the worms are absolutely teeny so you you don't really know they are there for a week or two until the bran starts to move and then, if you look carefully, there are these hundreds of tiny little worms!

Good Luck! :D

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Hi Hellywelly,

you need to pick out the uneaten bits of veg regularily, also, after a while the tub with the beetles in will accumulate alot of their waste. I found it impossible to clean out without knowing if I was throwing out eggs as well so now I just pick the beetles out after 2-3 weeks and put them in a clean tub of bran.

They are fine to handle... actually I've got quite fond of mine now!!

Have fun! :P

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