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What's a DS or a DH etc

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Hi and welcome.


Abbreviations confused me for a while. The ones I think I've understood so far are:

OH Other Half

DH Dearest/Darling Husband

DS Dearest/Darling Son

DD Dearest/Darling daughter

ES/ED Eldest Son/Eldest Daughter

MIL Mother In Law

SIL Sister In Law or possibly Son In Law

I'm sure there are more but hopefully this helps a bit.

PLease can someone corect any that are wrong?


Thanks! :D

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Nothing to do with me! He got named it years ago when he was a despatch rider. One day he found an injured snake in the road so decided to take it to the vets. On the way it died so he decided it would be a shame to waste it ...........


one of his despatch riding buddies had just bought some new overmitts for his bike handles.............


so CHARLIE wrapped the snake round this guy's handlebar for him to find later :shock:


.................and the name stuck forever more!


He's a pussycat really :lol::lol:

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