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Bad mood?

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All you can do is your little bit and hope that others follow suit.


It's a complicated world and I do what I can where I can but you only get one shot at life so you have to make the most of it.


It seems a shame to have to waste several months of the year living through winter.


One of those light clock thingys is on my Chritmas list

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I definitely find that as I've got older, I am less willing to put up and shut up,


me too but my trouble is once i get going i find it hard to stop sometimes!!!!!! I have a soap box and won't be dragged off it but it's only cos i care.


Also, the older i get the more concerned and aware i become with the state of the world; animal cruelty (the list is endless there!), global warming, the numerous natural disasters the world has been prone to of late, third world issues, the list goes on and it makes me so miserable and sometimes i make myself ill worrying about it all when i have no control over any of it which is why it gets me down so much.


I do my bit but there's too many people that don't give a damn for my little bit to make any difference.


Everybodys little bit makes a little difference. It would be great if everyone did their little bit but sadly not everyone does. The things that happen in this world are terrible but help where you can and try not to let it get you down.


The earthquake in Pakistan spurred some boys in our sixth form on to fundraise - they had visited Pakistan and that region a couple of years earlier when they won a competition (yes they were looked after by the President himself!). The organised a number of fund raising events and spent every lunchtime standing by the lunch tills with buckets asking for loose change. After the Tsunami 2 girls in our school spent the whole weekend with a badge making kit making badges to sell at school - by the end of that week they had sold 2000 badges at a pound each - not a person in school was seen without one. Whenever I feel like I can't make a difference I think of things like this - kids caring enough to go an extra mile and put a drop in the ocean of fundraising.

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if I have had good service, I will say so or write a letter or send an email. Positive feedback is important, and good things deserve experience!


Absolutely agree Olly.


So many have no trouble at all in picking up the phone to complain, but would never think of acknowledging good service.


It won't surprise you to know that I'm known as the Rottweiller at work as I don't dither when it comes to chasing up bad payers etc. They get 2 chances and then.........


On the other hand...if we get good service, we acknowledge it with either an email or a note. People are very appreciative, and often surprised to get positive feedback.

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I've just read this thread from the start, having not been around enough recently to really keep up with the forum, and yes, like most of you I've had my grumpy days, cold, wet, miserable weather, a job that I'm really unhappy in, a house that I'm trying to sell with all the stress associated with that, and a very uncertain future............. it's all really exciting but terrifying at the same time. Oh, and I'm chicken-less now as well :cry::cry::cry: .


But you know, I've been trying to use the forum to keep me upbeat and sane. Sometimes when life is just being a bit difficult I come on here into my nice little sanctuary of harmony and friendship and support, so I really, really, don't want to be grumpy here. This place is fun, and I want to try to keep it that way :D:D:D

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