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A little complaint to all you chatterboxes :roll::roll::roll::wink:

I've had 2 extremely busy days and haven't been able to get on the forum, and right now probably only have around 20 minutes to spare, so I thought I'd pay a quick visit to catch up on all the goings on in Omlet land, but I just can't believe the number of little red arrows there to greet me. How on earth do I decide what to read in just 20 minutes :shock:

Decisions, decisions :roll: I hope I don't miss anything important.

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:lol: Know what you mean! I clicked on Cinnamon's topic about Unwanted Door Callers today, and found 7 pages of Grd, Mel, Kate and Clare pecking, slapping and, er, generally going off topic! :roll::wink:

Very funny though!

I've gone 2 days without joining in word association! Good luck, Kate. :D

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You wrong 'uns!

What's this about woodpeckers?!


I too noticed the other day there were red arrows everywhere like a chicken had gone walkabout! :lol:


I think you should of course go to my thread on "the great escape" on the chickens forum and help me decide what to do about my run! :D

Please? :roll:

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