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Pecking and flooring

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We have 5 Road Island Reds and  there’s two that seem to just be picking the life out of the others . We have perches, food, treats, hanging veggies (cucumbers or melon slices) mirrors , dust baths- so I feel like it can’t be boredom…right? We were told about beak trimming but I don’t have the heart to see them like that so I was hoping someone had some ideas

Also the floor of the coop.. we tried a mix of wood chips and sand and in the rain the sand smelled terrible so we dug it all out. What is a preferred and comfortable floor idea for the coop? 


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The floor - hard wood chips are a common and good choice, but they need to be on a surface they won’t get mixed in with (the best solution is to lay paving slabs first) and they need to be kept at least mostly dry. Another popular option is something like Aubiose but that needs to be kept pretty much completely dry.

The pecking - definitely sounds like you’re keeping them well enough hentertained. How much space do they have? Definitely would not beak trim - pretty barbaric in my opinion - but once you’ve tried everything else bumpa bits are an option.

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