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How Many Hens

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so that's 8 metres squared? i read each chook should have about 2 metres squared each so i reckon you could have 4 or 5 normal sized chickens, probably more if they were bantams.


someone will probably correct me though as I'm no expert :)

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Hi Sam


Thats the same size as our run and we have 5 normal sized girls and they seem happy in there we get around 3-4 eggs a day so I take it that they are happy otherwise they wouldnt lay.




just peeped at your run via your link, it's gorgeous!!!!!

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Hi girls


Thanks for the lovely comments about our run :D . I have to confess that hubby and I are ok at DIY :oops: , we have fitted kitchens and bathrooms and in comparrison to that the run was a doddle. It took us 2 weekends to complete and we both really enjoyed doing it. The mesh is horrible to work with though it cuts your hands a bit.


It so nice to hear someone say its good, I think our family and friends think we are nuts.



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i a 2m by 4m run how many chooks do you think i could have?


Thanks in advance





Is that a Maran or a North Holland in your picture? Or is it something else?



Ignore this post - I've just edited it as I looked at your signature - Marans! Its lovely. My Maran is a super little lady although she wears a nose ring all the time because she feather pecks else. My North Holland looks just like a Maran but has lightly feathered legs and is slightly greyer in colour - but the pattern etc is the same and they look just the same unless you get close and know what you are looking for.

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