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Walk-in run v custom made walk-in?

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I am considering getting a walk-in run, as I am fed up with squeezing into my cube run and miss interacting with my girls properly. However, I have some misgivings about the Omlet walk-in, they are as follow

1. Does the top half of the mesh let rats in?

2. Covering the run with tarps to make it weather friendly, looks unsightly, especially as they get grubby quickly and need replacing every 18 month or so, can a proper roof be added and how?

3. How does it cope with strong wind?

4. How well protected from the elements are your birds?

Is an Omlet walk-in as good as a timber framed walk-in with a solid roof? I am a little doubtful about the Omlet walk-in, so would be grateful to any views.

I did have a custom built walk-in run, bought many years ago from a company recommended by Omlet owners. I don’t know who is currently a good company to buy from, the original guy I purchased from no longer makes them, any suggestions?

 Thank you in advance for any replies.

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1) yes, but the bottom half as well, as does the normal Cube run. Ask @Luvachicken, she has the footage the proof it.

2) my dad had a tarp lady make a custom fitted tarp. Very stylish and practical, with zip up sides, but also very expensive. The problem is that the rood isn’t flat, but slightly convex.

4) depends on the place and the amount of tarps you use.

I ended up making my own run from scaffolding poles and “dog wire”, as the Omlet run doesn’t fit in my garden.

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I can also vouch for the fact that rats can get in through the bottom half. 

I have had my lo-rise Omlet WIR for 6 years now. I am fairly pleased with it and the best thing about it was that the patio slabs on sand that I laid myself which were reasonably level but not dead perfect were good enough to site the run on - it can cope with a little unevenness. Also in the positives I’ve extended it twice and that’s easy to do. And I’ve completely moved house with it so you can completely dismantle and rebuild it fairly easily. 

However, I think it looks pretty ugly covered in clear tarpaulins as it is, and I do have to replace them about once every two years at a fair cost. To stop rats getting in last month I lined the entire thing with weldmesh which was expensive and a massive faff. 

If I was starting again I would get a run made by these people


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I'm impressed with the look of the jimvysearks runs, and the price seems pretty good.  I made a 2m x 3m run with a short tunnel to join to another run and the wood (very good quality, admittedly), mesh and staples for that came to about £550, and I just used mesh on the roof (and a tarp while restrictions are in place).  I would definitely consider using them if I want another extension 🤔

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