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I have just had an email from this company- I have had my hammock from them for 8 years now, it's brill & fits 5 in it. I have two perfectly distanced trees in my garden, one a laurel & one which is some kind of willow ( the one on the right of my gallery pictures).

We had a big laugh one time when the laurel branch we had attached it to snapped -when we were all in it :lol:

Anyway, they are a good company if anyone was thinking of getting a hammock from Father Christmas.


Edited for spelling :oops:

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They look lovely. Unfortunately the perfectly-spaced trees in my garden are right where the Eglu goes in summer!


I've always wanted a hammock since I was a kid, don't know quite why but it always sounds really romantic. I can't imagine ever having time to lounge in it, though!

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I love mine- it hasn't had that much use this summer though :roll:

I always wanted one as a child too, I have some friends who were in the army in Germany & they had a hammock hung in their attic 8)

When we moved here 8 years ago I got my hammock the first Christmas we were here so I could use it in the next summer.

Our old back garden was tiny & sloped alarmingly upwards- no trees either. I could have got a hammock stand but it would have taken over the patio.

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At first, I thought this thread was about bras! :oops:

My sister brought me back a wonderfu hammock from Mexico in July. I need to buy a frame for it next year as all our trees are around the perimeter of our garden & the holly trees are more like a hedge in the back garden. I don't fancy trying to find a thick branch amongst the prickles to tye the hammock to!

Will be great fun trying to get in it! :wink:



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I've got a hammock in my living room (we tie it up out of the way when we're not using it. I wanted one for my garden but looked at this website

http://hammocks.co.uk/ and they have loads of pictures of hammocks in living rooms. We've had it for a couple of years now and it's fabulous. :D


ooh - just realised that's the same website as was mentioned in the first post!!

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I've had a hammock for the last 6 or 7 years. its great and has a metal stand that it hooks to and swings in.


I think I've used it all of three times.


Hammocks great, stand is great - but where do you find the time to spend in it?


Maybe when I retire.


By which time the rope will have perished and the stand will have rusted away.


I want to stay at home rather than having to go out to work!

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