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Ain't Nobody Here

Is she trying to kiss me?

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Maisie was sitting on my knee today (she obviously loves me very much, I didn't even have any food on me :lol: ). However, she was staring at me right in the face and was edging closer and closer. It was kind of sweet but I was aware that a peck in the eye would not be fun :shock: . What on earth was she doing? Did I have Jaffa cake crumbs all over my face? Do my lips look like juicy worms? She's never done it before so I am puzzled :think: .

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Some weeks ago a pigeon was kind enough to poop all down our French door window. Lucy, whilst free ranging, then saw something suspended in mid air. Every so often we just hear a tapping on the window as she tries to eat it again!!!


(p.s. Sunglasses would look extremely cool, especially because it's the winter! :lol: )

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