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Has anybody else had problems with the grub and the eglu?

The pellets seem to get damp...I check them every day...It's not as if it happens over the course of a week.


I can see that it's the angle that the eglu run holds the grub at and I have moved the winter run cover to alleviate the problem but it just seems like a poor piece of design if everybody has this problem.


Is it just because I have bantams in the eglu and the grub has to be low down for them?

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:? I haven't had a problem.


I have the summer shade over the front end of the run, and the grub is protected by that. I use a clear shower curtain over the other end of the run, if I was having problems I'd probably extend it to cover the whole run.


Does rain just run off the bars into the grub then? Sorry, not much help - I have never noticed the pellets getting wet!

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