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Lovely day gardening with my three girls ‘helping’. So it was time for a drink and I had a glass of sparkling white grape juice.  I spilt a little as I sat down and the girls lapped it up!  
I poured a little into my hand and they were all drinking from my hand! Not sure if it’s good for them but they certainly enjoyed it! 

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There is an old pheasant poachers trick to get them so drunk they can't fly or run away; soak grain in whisky and leave it for them to eat. We've had a few drunken chickens and if I remember correctly it was after they had eaten fallen pears. It doesn't take much alcohol before they stop moving and just stand staring into nothing.

Sure if the grape juice was alcohol free it won't be a problem, but sugar might upset their digestion? It might ferment in their crop though?

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