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Run covers and daylight.

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I've replaced my tatty old Omlet shades with the clear plastic that I bought from Dunelm last week.


I have covered the full length of each run and have just one winter shade at the door end of each run.


I'm amazed at what a difference it has made. I hadn't realised how dark the winter shades were making things.


Am hoping all this extra daylight will encourage the girls to lay a few more eggs.

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Funny you should mention this Egluntine, as OH said exactly the same thing the other day. :shock:


We put the new eglu and run together and covered it with the winter shade. They don't appear to get much light in there, what with a large privet hedge on one side.


Need to get a couple of clear plastic shower curtains I think.




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I've just done that this week too! Dunelm plastic is perfect for it.


A word of warning though, if it's at all windy where you are, watch out for the eglu taking off (literally .... our whole run & eglu moved 6 inches backwards and sideways :shock: ) and the eyelets ripping off. I'm now using bungee ropes to hold the plastic sheeting down and still need to work out how to stop it flying away :? . Twisty tent pegs perhaps although it's partly on slabs so I'm still :think: .

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