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New hens at pub

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Thought you would all have a smile at this! :lol: , the pub next to us got two new hens yesterday! an appenzella, in silver, and a lovely wyndotte in gold, from Wernlas, well they arrived with fancy bumper bits with threw the lads in a bit of a panic as they"d never seen anything like them and couldnt remove them :cry: , we went in after work and showed them what to do( one chef had never handled a live hen before :lol::wink::shock:) , had a drink on the house :D , then conversation turned into naming the girls,well, the whole place got involved, all the diners as well as the locals :lol::lol: , eventually the were named, wyndotte= Grouse, after the whiskey, and appenzella=OSH(oshe) after the beer, old speckled hen!!! :wink:, and their light sussex from the last shopping trip=Fuggle, after the local beer, fuggle-de dum!! :lol::lol: . what a fun evening.

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In the spring they will get all the girls tested for salmonella, they have to do that befor they could use them for the diners, none are laying at the moment :cry: , but untill then we are all having fun helping them look afer them :lol::lol: , 11 hen and one very proud cockeral :lol::lol:

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