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in my quest to use up our eggs....en cocotte!

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did you see Nigella's eggs en cocotte last night? I've just watched the recording we made of it.......they looked fabulous and I'm thinking, who needs egg cups! (won't tell my sister though as she's buying me some for christmas!)


here's Delia's recipe for it which sounds just the same, I have some cream left over from the creme brulee i made on sunday so will use that if it's still fresh enough- that's lunch t'row sorted! avec du pain ;):lol:




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Well Egluntine what was the verdict??


sounds yummy, I too have pirnted it off to try at the weekend.




Very nice. It does continue to cook in the pot....so I recommend taking it out a but sooner. The second one was a bit over cooked.


ditto, i reckon 10 mins not 15 but they were absolutely delish with a bit of toast and butter- I used cream on top of my eggs and s&p- mmmmmmmmmmmm

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Its a bit late I know but we gave these a go at the weekend. We cooked for 10 mins as per Egluntine and Poets suggestion and they were still overcooked so would watch them closley. We just put butter and a light sprinkling of grated cheese on top with some S&P and they were yummy. :D


Thanks for posting the link to the recipe



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