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meet my new chooks

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what's the story with Oopsy Fatsy Daisy's name :shock: .



my 2 yr old wanted to call hers iggle piggle or oopsie daisey (out of a childrens tv programme), when we went to collect, her chicken was by far the biggest bird, so she decided that she was going to call it oopsy fatsy daisey.



ben's lady has hovered around being called popcorn, white ranger (as in power rangers), whitecorn (????), snowbell, and capuccino so i maybe expect a name change.



just been out to them with their breakfast of porridge mixed with banana, raisins, and a few pellets. and it looks like a rat has been in the run (not surprising we live near the canal).as they have found about a 2" weakness in the corner of the run where the slab that i dug in didn't run flush to the wall, so my job this morning is to double layer and dig in another slab on the outside to hopefully prevent this. and if all else fails put a rat box full of poison down and terminate the rodent and his probably large family.

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