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Chickens and bees

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Does anyone keep chickens and bees together - well in the same garden? I have 4 beehives, and want to keep chickens. My garden is about 70 foot long, and 20 foot wide, with 2 greenhouses and a trampoline in it (don't trampoline when the bees are flying over it!!). Do bees sting chickens? The chickens would be kept in the run most of the time, and it would not be immediately next to the beehives.

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Cant see that there would be a problem, you have enough room. We had 6 hives and lots of chickens when i was growing up and dont remember anything untowards happening :) ,do remember one hen that stood on the landing pad of the hive :lol: , but i think her and the bees soon got fed up with each other!!!

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