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not enough eggs:(

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two of our girls have been off lay now for about two months, poor old Ruby (who's 3!) is the only one laying. The other two freeloaders decided to moult about the end of October and with the dark nights etc they haven't started laying again yet and I'm begining to think they may not. Maddy is over 3 and whilst Dotty is only 2 she is less of a hybrid and therefore likely to stop laying earlier.

I really don't know what to do. Am I just being too impatient, should I wait and see what spring brings? Problem is I'd love to get a couple of new girls but I don't really want to give over more garden to another Eglu and run, when the girls spend all day in the bigger area we've given them. I do want to keep a fox proof area as my run isn't really but we've never had problems so maybe I could go to just two Eglus and no runs and a cube may be just too pricey to ask LSH to go with it.

Arrggghh why isn't it simple. I guess in times gone by the two not laying would have been in the pot by now but I just couldn't do that to them.


coooo what a rant, sorry :oops:

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Mine are the same Trish, so you have my sympathies. I have 10 chooks and not one egg!!!!! 3 of them were youngsters, purchased at the end of the summer and just haven't come into lay yet. The rest are moulting.


Last year I didn't get eggs again until january :roll: and that's despite asking for a Christmas egg, and then a birthady egg :( I guess they need the rest though.

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Trish, don't give up hope yet on your October moulters. Starlet was moulting through October up until a couple of weeks ago and now she's come back into lay and she's now laid us three eggs...one on Sun and Mon and one today!


I have four chickens at the minute and I have to admit she is the only one laying as Molly and Spice are too young and Muddles suddenly decided to moult just last week and is too busy to lay as she's growing spikes and feels like a hedgehog.

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I have 5 in an eglu and they are fine. They free range all day every day so I still only have the basic run area although planning to get an extension. Now it's cold they huddle up together in the eglu at night without any problems (actually at the moment I reckon you could get at least 8 in there as there's lots of space left they are huddling so close). We do have one who spends the night in the nest area rather than peaching on the bars and one who perches over the one in the nest box...


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