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Look what my penny pinching got me!

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Glad I bought this before I start the not buying anything new for a year, but technically it is second hand :wink::D I have had it for about 9 weeks now. It is a 2 year old Rover 25 in Icelandic blue (which is a lovely pearlescent colour) one of the last ever built :( (and half the original price but only 10k on the clock :wink: )




It is a bit high tech, I only found the wipers recently, not sure what half the buttons do, but it does defrost its own windscreen in 60 seconds, which I was most impressed by, and had to use the other week, several times. There's a CD player somewhere too, haven't found that yet :? The windows are slightly tinted too which is nice :D The most impressive thing is the fuel consumption, it appears to be about twice as efficient as the Metro, which I am surprised by, even though the dealer tried to tell me things had advanced in car building since 1994 when the Metro was made :roll:


I still have the Metro as well :oops:

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Lovely car Claire 8)

We had a Rover 25 before we got the Picasso, in fact I drove it today as we sold it to my parents. My dad works afternoons & he had put me on his insurance, so if hubby needs our car for work I can borrow my dad's if he is not using it. I'm only small, & the other cars my dad has had he has not let me drive as they would have been "too big for me" :roll:

He can't say anything about this one as it was originally mine...... & it is good of him to let me use it if needed- as long as I have it back by 1.30 :lol:

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Thanks for your lovely comments!


I'm still in shock as somehow I don't feel I deserve such a nice car, it's the newest thing I own, and apart from the house, the most expensive item I have ever bought. Managed to get change from £5k though :wink:


I paid for it on my credit card (after saving for a couple of years) so now have some points to spend too :lol:

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How many pairs of shoes can you fit in that boot! :lol:


Well Kev, I had a look at the capacity for the boot with the back seats down and it is almost 1000 litres. So if a pair of shoes fits in to approx 2 litres of space (and I have small feet :wink: ), I should be able to get just under 500 pairs of shoes in there :shock: Now if you are talking just the boot itself with the parcel shelf still on, I would have to guesstimate about 120 pairs of shoes as there aren't any cc measurements for just the boot bit in the paperwork :D


That's just 10 pairs of shoes a month. They would all have to be work shoes of course :wink:

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