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omlet netting problem

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I watched in amasement today as one of my chickens seems to have developed super chicken powers. It basically pushed on the Omlet netting, then after around 30 seconds the netting gave way and she was free. I was wondering how they seem to get out so much. Has anyone else had similar problems with the netting?


I have emailed omlet because this surely cant be right.

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I found the netting needs to be secured at the bottom by pegs and some of the gaps between poles is too great so I used metal garden canes to reinforce it. I have to admit I did all this to ensure my dogs couldn't get their noses under the netting but the above suggestions did the trick. No dog got in and no chicken got out!!

Omlet sell the red screw in pegs which although put up the price of the netting, do work. I needed 2 packs to do the job, usung them to secure the net at approx two foot intervals.

Also, as I moved my cube and netting on a regular basis, so the red pegs were easier to find than black ones when removing the netting!!

Hope this helps.

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Mine had been fine so far, apart from when the girls stand on the run & fly over the netting :lol:

i have it stretched really taunt betwwen poles, & also used a couple of the extra poles to make the gaps between poles shorter so the netting doesn't sag as much. I only needed 10 metres of netting & I sold the rest on ebay & got back the money on the extra length I didn't need.

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Mine escape if it's not stretched tight - I keep meaning to get some more poles. Tent pegs are cheaper than the Omlet ones (although harder to see!)


I still recommend the Omlet netting, it works if you keep it fairly taut. My girls can't fly over it (but they don't really know they can fly at all!)

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