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Chicken Supplies near Leamington ?

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Have you tried:

L.A Swann

Cornerways Farm, Washbrook Lane, Allesley, Coventry, West Midlands CV5 9DL

Tel: 024 7640 2900


I get all my feed, grit etc from them, they are lovely and helpful and carry the heavy stuff to the car!


edited to add:

If you need transport I'm sure I could help get what you need. PM me if you want.

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I don't know anywhere specific near Leamington, we use Countrywide at Bearley or Chipping Norton and a place called All Things Rural, just out of Stratford on the Alcester Road.


You do have a large Pets at Home store though on the edge of Leamington - could they order anything in for you? They may do grit in smaller amounts as well. We buy grit from Jolly's petstore in Stratford

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Thanks all!


I've got transport, just wondered if I could avoid a 20 minute drive to Stratford and 20 minutes back again and reduce my carbon footprint for the sake of some grit! Looks like I can't!


Allesley might be a bit closer and I go in that direction a bit more anyway - thanks for that.


Lesley - Is Jolleys the one by B and Q ? Tried Pets at Home - only sell bags of grit for Budgies apparently! Bought straw from there though.

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Hi Jonny


I think we met at the Hen rescue? I was one of the rehomers -Anne-Marie. You were with your little boy?


The Domestic Fowl Trust at Honeybourne are very good as they do the Smallholder range and sell bags of all sizes.


Hope the girls have settled in well and I'm sure they are enjoying their new home!


Kind regards



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Hi ya! That was me!


(whilst I remember can you pm the mulled wine recipe :lol: )


Girls are doing great. Ate from the minute I put them in the run. I had to get them out the cube on the first day but after that they jumped out on their own. Put them to bed for 3 nights but now they quite happily go to bed on their own. Getting about 2 to 3 eggs a day at the moment and I think one has sussed out what a nest box is for!

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