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little chickadee

Dave's a clever girl... and so is someone else .......

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Two perfect little eggs today :dance: - can't believe we forgot to check the eggport yesterday. They are both obviously laid by the same chicken and we think it must be Dave as she is crouching most impressively, could be Amber though. One was cold and one was lovely and warm. The cold one wieghed a tiny 46g and the warm one was 50g, so they're getting bigger!


They have very tiny little lilac speckles on - anyone else had these?


DH was just off to walk to a Brownnie craft day with Daughter, so we'll do the egg dance when he gets back!




I'm just so pleased she didn't decide to start laying when we're away. We can give rewards to the chicken sitters now!!!!! :D

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We've had another hen start to lay today. My son found an egg on the roosting bars this morning and then there was another laid in the nestbox later in the morning.



(The left hand egg is the newbie one!), my OH did find another one on the roosting bars after lunch, but I don't know if that's from today, or if we didn't check the bars yesterday?! (He managed to break it though on the way into the house (altering something to do with the run ))!


When does it stop being exciting?! :lol:

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