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laying ?!?!?

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My girls have 110% stoped laying! Ive had them for about 2 years (all the days'months and even year have seemed to roll into one lol)

Their no more then 3 years old, they actually stopped just after the 5th november! not one egg since!! Although Im sure that the break will do them wonders but they've never stoped this long.?



I cant believe im having to buy eggs from the supermarkets!! :shock:




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Are they moulting?


Are they free ranging and laying in under shrubs without you realising?


they havent free ranged since august,september :twisted: since next door started putting a fence up that resembles a trellice :twisted:


its not safe for them at mo , they could get through the holes so i suppose i will have to staple netting over it! :cry: next doors really annoying me with it at mo!!


they have been on a really bad molt! they looked almost plucked!!

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have been giving them poltry spice............................. think i might have given them slightly too much as they were slightly runny yesterday but today seemed fine! actually since i started the other day their feasthers seems to have appeared (well ive just noticed they look alot tidier!


they have had the veg thats left after dinner over the weekend i always seem to do to much





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