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White Chocolate Coconut Ice

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This recipe was in the Mail last week - they look like little snowballs.


White Chocolate Coconut Ice


150g white chocolate

4 tbsp sweetened condensed milk

A few drops of vanilla essence

75g dessicated coconut


Place chocolate and condensed milk in a pan with a drop of vanilla essence.

Stir over a low hear until the chocolate has melted.


Stir in 50g of the coconut and roll into balls. Roll them in the remaining coconut and place in petit four cases.


Keep for up to a week in a plastic container in the fridge.


I haven't tried this recipe yet - I have Lauren and Jake next weekend so I'll try it then.


(and I'm sure I can manage to get some alcohol in them as well - chocolates that is, not the children :wink: )

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How did it go Lesley?

I wondered about the heating in a pan and did wonder if it would be better done in the bowl over hot water method. It's just that the mixture went crumbly after a while and a bit fiddly to get it to ball up. Then the coconut wouldn't stick properly. Couldn't decide if it was the method or because I'd used grounds almonds in the mix!

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Thanks for that Clare - so it's just the heating that does it. Hm, it does press together to form the balls although not very strong. I was hoping to shape the balls using teaspoons but needed to use my hands to press the mixture together. But once they've chilled they do harden up and keep their shape (and they are still delicious!)

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You are supposed to melt white chocolate slowly on the lowest possible heat in a double boiler or bowl over a pan of water, making sure that not even one drop of water gets into the chocolate.


Also...white chocolate holds its shape when melting so don't be fooled into thinking that it isn't happening ....keep testing to see how it is getting on.

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