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What Book...?

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....are you reading now? A follow on from the Questionnaire. Keep telling us what you are currently reading. .


I'm currently reading Every Second Counts by Lance Armstrong, a sequel to It's Not About the Bike - self explanatory and very interesting.

and also:-

My Life in Orange by Tim Guest who, at the age of six, was taken by his mother to live in a Buddhist commune in Suffolk

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Louise, don't worry - you're not alone reading children's books :oops::oops::shock: .


My youngest reads like books are going out of fashion and has passed his Anthony Horowitz "Alex Rider" books on to me. They are terrific - I have to admit it. I'm on the latest story about the teenage spy and it's called "Scorpia" and like the rest, it's a real page turner.

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:lol: Inbetween 1st readers and Spot the dog - at the moment I am reading Jodi Picoult , My Sisters Keeper. This is about a girl, conceived and born to save her elder sister who has a form of Leukeamia. She brings about the debate over birthright for body parts, and basically takes her parents to court in order to stop the kidney donation which they need.


Pretty emotive stuff ... and very in the news too at the moment.

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Good idea for topic, Lesley & thanks for your ideas. Must suggest Sarah's at bookgroup, lots to discuss there, I should think.

I've belonged to a good group for about 20 years but somehow joined in another group that a friend started & daren't leave as there are only 4 of us.

Its just getting impossible to complete 2 books a month (I know it sounds easy) and I'm sure it won't be long before I muddle up which book & where!


Still, I love reading and like a challenge!


I also like re-reading children's books, Louise, and some classics really stand the test of time.


Just struggling with Salley Viccar's, Miss Garnet's Angel...loved it in parts but not sure I'd recommend/ annoyed in parts too.


Next we're re-visiting Cider with Rosie, so looking forward to that.


Just reading The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Only read a tiny bit (therefore had to miss Book Gp 1 on Monday as I should have finished!) but so far I'm really enjoying it.

Don't know whether to carry on (its a thick book) now & get behind with next 2 books or save it for the summer & catch up. Why do I think I'll have more time in summer....more daylight? I'm turning into a chicken.


Anyway, I'll report back on that one!

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I liked Cider with Rosie - as you know I'm not into fiction so don't know much of the rest :oops:


I am also reading the Daisy books - You Do (Don't pick your nose said Daisys Mum - you do said Daisy) Really, Really! and Eat your Peas. Jake would have them over and over at the moment esp.You Do, which he calls the Bogey Book :roll:


...and The Borrowers for Lauren - I used to read it to my two when they were little.

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I'm reading a couple of books at the mo as I read on the bus to work and in the bath and won't take hard backs in the bath :? Bus reading is "The long way round" by Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman, about their round the world motor bike ride. And in the bath it's "Icerigger" a very old scifi book by Alan Dean Foster, just fancied a re-read. I've got the "Time Traveller's Wife" lined up.next, which LSH recommends highly. He said it is brilliant and made him cry in several places which is high recomendation as he can stay emotionally detached from books and films quite easily

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Evening all. (Or if you are reading this in the morning) Morning :!::?


I'm reading two books at the moment, I got them both at christmas.


The first is by James Patterson called "London Bridge", it's the tenth book about a detective called Dr Alex Cross. It's a brillant series, the first two were made into films (kiss the girls and along came a spider).


And the other book is Thomas More's "Utopia", bit heavy going in places and I have only just started it. :shock:


Sammi :wink:


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Hiya Sammi, I'm still here but off to bed soon!


Haven't read James Patterson but have enjoyed lots of detective books in the past so will give that a go.

Don't you just love it if you "discover" a new author & then find they've written 10 books. Lots of yummy reading to look forward to!


Thanks for ideas...I haven't read Utopia yet...will have to be in my very long list that iI'll get around to one day!

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Night, night sheila. :lol:


James Patterson has written lots of books but he has kept me so busy with the Alex Cross series that I have not got round to the others yet. But hubby's friend has read most, if not all of his books and say's he hasn't read a poor one yet.


Sammi :D

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