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We picked up our 3 girls last Friday and I'm already smitten, and yesterday (perfect timing!) we were rewarded with our first egg.


I have been trying to handle them a little each day to get them used to us, but this has sometimes been easier said than done! I am worried about stressing them by chasing them around the garden, but when I do get hold of them they are very good and two of them weill eat corn from my hand. How long typically does it take to 'tame' them and does it get easier trying to pik them up without having to chase them about?!


Thanks :D

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Congratulations on the first egg :D


Is the one that's laying easier to pick up (ie squatting)? The two of mine that are laying squat like crazy and are a doddle to pick up. The one that's not tends to run away (but I think she's starting to think about squatting :pray: ). I use a long-handled brush to catch her - I get her between me and the brush and she's easier to get hold of.


I agree about the bedtime thing too - they're happy to be taken out of the eglu and we bring them into the house for a cuddle :roll:

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I was really scared of my girls at first, it took me a while to even try to pick them up..... :oops::lol:


Same here..... :oops::oops:


But you soon get the hang of it.


I have one (Artemis Fowl) who is still very difficult to catch. Even though she is laying regularly, she never crouches. :? If ever I need to catch her I use my son's landing net.


I'm a sight to behold running round the garden with a net with a handle that is about 6 feet long.



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Thanks - did the picking them up at bedtime thing last night and they were all great! Still trying to pick them up in the day too which has had family and neighbours in stitches as I semi-walk/run in circles trying to persuade the girls it's a good idea!


No more eggs though since Christmas day...went back to check there was no lion mark on the first one incase DH was playing a joke. Luckily for him he wasn't :wink::lol:

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Our girlies soon associated the appearance of us in the garden with the arrival of food :D and started to come running over.

I would sit on the grass with some corn and gradually they came closer and closer till they would take it from my hand.


Good luck!!! Chooks are fab!! x

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Hi Clur,

I cuddled mine at night initially taking them out of the eggport. But even though I was very confident at picking them up it still took me 3 weeks or so to catch them first time. Now they are older, they are less flighty and very easy to catch when they crouch. But mine still don't like being held for long but then I never really persisted with picking them up daily.

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