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Best price for bokashi bran

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Glad there's some interest!


I'm trying to put my excel table into a reply but failing miserably :( . You don't get tabs so any table just turns into a mess. I've put it into Word too but that turns out the same.


I'll keep trying but if anyone has a bright idea, let me know!


(I could just let you know the cheapest but thought you'd like to see comparisons.)

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I've cracked it!


* Bokashi Bran price comparisons *


Important column is the last one, price by kg.


It was a bit tricky to compare prices as they all sell different weights, but if, like Omlet for example, they only sell a small amount, I've worked out what a bigger order would be so it's a fairer comparison.


The weights are still a bit varied but hopefully it gives an indication of the prices. Some suppliers are in twice because they offer 2 different weights or because I've worked them out.


Hope it's useful! If nothing else I've managed to work out how to link a document on my pc to the forum :D .


I've placed an order with Recycle Works so will feed back on their service :wink: .

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There's some information about bokashi on Wiki at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bokashi


The bran is used as part of a composting system which can take things that normal composters can't (meat, fish, bread, cooked veg, etc). You can order bokashi bins from many 'green' suppliers (recyclenow.com, WigglyWigglers, etc).


You can also give the bokasi to your chickens as a supplement to keep them healthy - a bit like those little probiotic drinks for humans :)



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Really useful spreadsheet, thank you for sharing. i can't believe there's so much difference in the prices!


The WIggly Wigglers price isn't correct though, it should be £25 for 5Kg. With the £3 delivery charge, this works out at £5.50 per kilo.


For those who don't want that much, Wiggly Wigglers also do a 6x600g delivery service. They send you 600g every 2 months, and you only pay for one delivery charge (I think this is probably the one you included in your spreadsheet).


They also do a Layers Mash with Bokashi Bran in the mix.

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Wow, I am :shock: both at the price difference, and that you managed to link an Excel table to your post!


I bought some bokashi but haven't actually used it yet, I had it in mind to feed it to the chickens but it seemed so expensive I couldn't bring myself to! I might just use a bit in my compost-collecting bin, when the weather is bad it's a real pain trekking up the garden with it.


Thanks for that, now could you do the same for organic layers pellets please? :wink:

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