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Sexing Brahmas - Update

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Well, Posh and Baby did turn out to be Jamie and Robbie. It was obvious when we got to the farm and saw the other cockerels. I was sobbing...poor woman at Suffolk Pure Breeds must have thought that I was mad. They are now going to be stud birds with several gold brahma hens each. Husband says, 'What a life!'


I have brought home a blue partridge brahma hen, a buff columbian brahma hen and (couldn't resist) a gold brahma miniature who is a feisty little madam. I had all three roaming around the fruit cage earlier and the miniature was ruling the roost, sorting out the others. Therefore, I have decided to put her in the cube with the big girls rather than in the eglu with the littlies. I have put them all in to roost together tonight...I'm up at 6ish so I can keep them all in the run tomorrow and keep an eye on things.


The lady at Suffolk Pure Breeds did still charge me £20 per bird and so I have talked to Karen at MerrydalePoultry where we bought the birds and she has offered a full refund. However, we are travelling to Merrydale in the Spring for two more cochins and so I have said that we are happy to wait and have the refund taken off the cost of the two cochins instead.


I will post pictures tomorrow. Haven't had time today what with travelling, crying, sorting out the ex-batts we collected yesterday and integrating the three new girls.


At least I know that my boys wil be happy.

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Oh dear, what a day it sounds! :? Sorry about the boys, but it does sound like they will have a wonderful life! And the new girls sound gorgeous - especially the feisty little one! Can't wait to see pictures 8) AND new cochins in the spring! AND ex-batts! :shock: (how many can you fit in altogether or is the sky the limit?) :lol:

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Can't fit any more in after the Spring. We have a cube at the moment with a standard run and two extensions. In a week or sos time we are picking up another cube with the same amount of extensions. We also have an eglu for the bantams. Next year we are having a large run built for the bantams so that when they grow a bit, they won't be cramped in the eglu run. Then everybody should be happy. The ex-batts are currently living in a large run that we have put into the polytunnel. We have wrapped a large blanket around the run and they are toasty.

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