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Quick guide on weld mesh

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i'd say they can't be too small but don't go bigger than about 1 cm x 2cm or thereabouts. Ours is about 1cm x 2cm and a little field mouse managed to get through the holes so i reckon the smaller the better.

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Cinnamon wrote:


If you look on the thread about my new pen,there is a link to the eBay listing where I got mine from, with pictures of it too :D [/color]


I went to the link but the company must have been doing a one off on Ebay because they don't list it amongst the products they sell. Shame as it was a really good price :(



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Ebay is DEFINiTELY the place to go for Weldmesh.


I don't know if this is the aame as Cinnamon's, I'll go and check hers out in a mo, but the seller I used is called Animal Kingdom This is a link to his Ebay store:




He sells all sorts of guages, mesh sizes, and lengths. If you can't find what you want listed, then contact him and he will list it for you. Service was fab, next day delivery.


Smaller the mesh, the more expensive the product. The stronger the guage, the more expensive the wire.


I bought 30metres of 16 guage Weldmesh, 1 inch x1 inch. It was £52.99 plus £9.99 postage. Their 19 guage was much cheaper, (£29.99 plus postage for 19 guage, 1x1, 30metres)

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Oies no problem, I have actaully found the best deal for me at B&Q as they do 10m rolls so I dont need to get loads that I dont need. plus they do 10m rolls of PCV coated mesh for £20.


Now I just need to hunt down cheaper polycorbonate roofing, as ats working out the most expensive part.

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Its coated chicken wire not weildmesh. Im not fussed about it being fox proof as we dont have that problem. Their are no footpaths, fields, parks or allyways near me. So any fox would have to either walk right through the city and acrosss a lot of busy roads, and climb over at least 6 6 foot fences of all our neighbours gardens to get to ours.

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