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Laying on roosting bars

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Rugby is laying most days which is great, she lays a lovely dark brown egg !eggbrown! as she is a Maron, the only problem is she is laying on to roosting bars and hasn't got a particular time of day to lay anything from 7am to 2pm :lol:

Ebony has also layed a few eggs no so dark but still brown and she also lays on to roosting bars :roll:


As soon as I clear all the poop out of the nesting area and fill it with nice new straw they both run in along with Snow drop and Ivory and kick through the straw and pull it all out into the run.


When I've looked in at night time none of them are roosting in the nest area so it's not like they sleep in it.


Any advice would be appreciated :)

Cheers Timcho

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my maran lays any time of the day aswell! She's never laid anywhere other than the nesting box though, so I dont really know what to advise about getting yours to lay in there. :think: We peeped in the egg port tonight and the maran was asleep in the nestbox!!! :roll:


Have you noticed how hard their egg shells are? We could use Coco's as torpedo's they are that hard. :shock:

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My two don't like too much straw in the nesting box. I only put a few strands in there otherwise they make a big fuss of dragging it all out again.


Donna used to always lay her eggs on the roosting bars and I tried a golf ball but that didn't fool her! I then bought a fake plastic egg and she has laid in the nesting box ever since.

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