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Polenta Flour - HELP!

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Hello, Cinnamon,


I agree with Trish, but maize meal might be to fine for the recepies. Can't you get ready made Polenta mix, that you just have to boil for 5 Min.

If really you should be stuck with it in Switzerland we have this in all supermarkets. If it is not tooooooo urgent I am happy to send you some over, just let me know.

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I'm glad you said that Kate because I've been buying big bags of cornmeal from our Indian supermarket close to where I work, and nearly posted myself that it was the same stuff. I hesitated because I wasn't entirely sure if it was the same, or just if they were interchangeable in recipes. I'm lucky though that I work in a very culturally diverse corner of SE London, and we have some great Indian and Turkish shops, amongst others. If you're really stuck Sarah PM me and I'll see if I can get some for you, but it wouldn't be before tuesday I'm afraid.

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Yes, I just phoned my local health food shop & was told they do stock it ,but it is usually called cornmeal :roll:


I didn't look in the ethnic section of Tescos yesterday,just the speciality flours bit ....typical!


Still, I will get some today & then I will have it for NEXT time I want to make corn bread :lol:



Thanks for your help everyone :P

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