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2 more days and counting!!!!

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started worming them last Thursday so can't let them out again till this Thursday and I believe the weather is going to be really yucky towards the end of the week, so they may not get out for another few days after that :(


Still, I can spoil them with some meal worms soon :)


It's horrible having them confined to the run, they give you that look, you know the one!

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I've never kept mine confined to barracks when worming them.


how do you make sure they've all had their dose of medicated feed if you don't keep them in?


I'd just be worried of overdosing by not following the manufacturer's guidelines and thus tainting the eggs or do you not eat the eggs while you worm them?


Likewise, I'd be worried I perhaps hadn't given them enough.

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DH is working in the garden today, he's building a proper fence around his veg patch and making a path; so there's sawing, nailing, screwing and banging going on.


The girls are best out of the way for now.


He's building it out of pallets. He works for a furniture company and he got the pallets for about 50p each! He's dismantled them and re-built them into a fence and some edging for a path and stained them. Looks really good.


Trouble is, he's done more damage to the lawn than the chickens ever did! :shock:


Gonna give them a special meal worm feast t'row night and then hopefully we can let them out on Thursday.


If we didn't do it 'by the book' and they got ill, I'd never forgive myself :roll:

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