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5 week old Chick gender guessing game!

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Hi, been a long time lurker on this forum, would like people's opinion on what the sex of my 6 five week old chicks are.

Im thinking there is definitely two boys, hopefully three pullets and a wee Eggbert who had a very hard start in life so too small to tell.

Any thoughts on if I'm right or wrong? They are mixed breed. Dad is Leghorn x CCL and mums are Rhode Rocks, possibly a Bluebelle and possibly a Scots Grey. Though I think the majority of the eggs where from the Rhode Rocks. There are 4 x B&W, 1 x white and 1 x brown.

Happy guessing! 🙂







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Ok. Really are going to be guesses as I have no experience of these breeds.

Photo 1: boy

Photo’s 2 & 3 (the whites): pullets?

Photo 4: head up = boy (can’t see the others well enough)

Photo 5: 2 standing tall are boys, darker one on the right maybe pullet

Photo 6: brown hen I’d say pullet judging by feathers

Let us know how they turn out!!

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Thanks for your reply @mullethunter I sure will let you know!

Photos 2 and 3 are the same white bird.

I pretty much agree with your guesses, though I am convinced the bird on the left of photo 5 is actually a pullet.

Out of the 4 birds of this breed, 2 are clearly boys, strong red combs with pointed tips and an arch and very red wattles, the one on the right has a big comb but it's flatter and yellow and no distinct wattles.

The wee bird to the right of this photo 5 is the one I refer to as Eggbert. It is still small and behind in development so hasn't even got a comb showing yet.

Time will tell! Thanks again for your input!

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