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Ear lobes

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I was wondering whether some kind souls might be able to take some pictures of their girls ear lobes as a reference guide.

I have some who have white ear lobes with a pearlescent blue and was wondering what colour eggs they may lay.

How blue are blue ear lobes? It might be a useful reference for the future too

(should this be in chickens?)

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I still haven't mastered the uploading thingamajig on my camera, so will have to describe. Gladys has very pale earlobes which are tinged with green and she is laying eggs which I have now decided are cooking apple green in colour!!!!!!! Blodwen lays white eggs and she has pink ear lobes :shock: so I'm not sure of the logic there! But I'm sure someone more knowledgable than me will explain the finer points!!!!!!!!!

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Ok sorry for the delay in pictures :oops: There's been no-one around to help me with the picture taking, so I did it by my self (trust me that is not easy :?) Anyway, sorry if the pictures aren't that good :?


This is Mischeif our white egg layer



Clover our torquise egg layer





I will try and take some better ones soon, if someone actually helps :roll:.



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