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was it really me...

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...who was so deperate to have a chicken on my knee?


I can't sit on the bench now without Maud then Fatima jumping straight up next to me, which is really cool 8)


...however, Fatima jumped up next to me this afternoon, proceeded to wipe her muddy beak first left, then right (just to make sure she'd got all the mud off) directly on my trouser leg! Then hopped off to carry on pecking in the mud, like I was just there to act as a chicken napkin or something!


Gotta love 'em :lol:

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You need a "hen coat" and "hen trousers" kept specially for the job.



I only had some jogging bottoms on which were due to be washed anyway, I wasn't bothered about the mud, it was the cheek of the little madam! Very funny though :lol:


Ian saw something funny the other day which I missed. He was giving them some mealworms and Shalott couldn't get to them so she jumped on Maud's back so that she could reach better! Wish I'd seen that! :D

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it's so cool that these timid, frail little things who were hypnotised by the sky and jumped at every noise when they arrived, have turned into proper little madams!


Brilliant! :D

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They sure have personality don't they...

One of my girls pecked me the other day when I collected the eggs and I had to give her a right telling off... and considering they intimidate our cats, I must agree that for allegedly frail timid creatures, chooks sure can stand their own!!

Now this is what I call girl power!!

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