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So upset and angry

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I found out Monday that my daughter's school may be closing. Unfortunatly she's only in the nursery class so due to start school proper in September. The school is ownded by an Order of Servite nuns and they have decided that they want to sell it and if they haven't found a buyer by April it will close in July. I can't believe it.


We didn't apply for a state school place because we thought we had a place in this school and all the other local independant schools are full now. We could probably get her into a local sink school but I'd rather home tutor her than that. I find it hard to believe that there isn't any legislation that stops them closing that quickly and with no consultation but I guess to the law it's just a business.


I'm just posting to vent my anger and frustration I don't really expect replies. I just thought it might help me sleep tonight. :evil:

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something similar happened to me. I sat the 11 plus and had home tutors to help me get through it so that I could get a place at a Convent Grammer School (run by The FCJ nuns). Mum spent a fortune on uniforms and equipment etc, then, when I was in the 2nd year they merged with a state school (as a money maker) with no consultation whatsoever. The class sizes rocketed and I am sorry but some of the pupils we were mixed with really held the class back and were very naughty, as they just didn't want to learn.


I enjoyed school up to that point because everyone else there wanted to learn, like me, but the new influx didn't give a damn.


My school was in the middle of Toxteth and this was 1981/1982 when there was a great deal of unrest in the area (the Toxteth riots) and a lot of the new pupils were from deprived families. It turned into a violent version of St Trinians in the end!

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Shirl that is really dreadful


No wonder you are so angry, that really is not acceptable.


I hope you can sort something out. Maybe if they do sell the buyer will carry on with the school as it is


Best wishes

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How frustrating for you :(


Are the other primary schools unsuitable :? and given the circumstances will the independant schools consider taking in more pupils? Just a thought?


Karen x


The local schools wouldn't have been unsuitable. In fact one of my options would have been a school that is rated as outstanding by Ofsted unfortunately this school is over subscribed like all the decent schools and any application we made would have to be considered as a late entry.


One local independant school has said it will take some extra pupils but TBH it isn't a very good school which is probably why they are happy to take extra pupils. We aren't prepared to pay for a 2nd class education when you can have it on the state for free.


We really have considered all options but at the moment parents are coming together to see what we can do as a group, but the site would be really expensive to buy because it's 4 acres of prime location.

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I'm sorry to hear of this, Shirl.

Ethan is due to start school in September, but his school application doesn't have to be in until 1st Feb- I presume different Local Authorities work differently?

Have you tried speaking to your council about this- they may look favourably on your late state school application (should you decide to do so) if they know the circumstances?

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Gosh :shock: - there's something to be said for living in Scotland - you have Primary, Secondary or Private/Fee-paying, end of story! Children go to their nearest school or you can submit a placing request for another one, no applications, unless you can pay for Private.

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