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grandma wont eat my chooks eggs!

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Jack! Lovely to see you back again :D !!


Tell Grandma they are the tastiest eggs on the planet and she'll never get better than those anywhere!! It's not cruel to eat them because they're not fertilized and it's a terrible shame to waste them!


Hope all is going well with Marigold and Buttercup :wink: .

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My mum says she doesn't like eating my chooks eggs because she has seen all the bugs and worms they eat, and when I fed them maggots she said that was it no more eggs for her, never mind all the more for us.


She now buys her eggs from the supermarket I wonder what those chickens eat......................... :lol::lol::lol:

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Jack, your girls eggs are probably the least offensive animal produce anyone could eat. If your grandma is bothered about what your girls eat then she wouldn't want to know what gets into commercially farmed animal products of all types, except organic. I'd rather have my eggs from a chicken eating slugs and maggots than from one feed a diet with lots of chemicals.

Soap box going away now :wink:

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