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I was alerted to spam comments in a forum members album this morning and have deleted them all. Could you all check your albums for me please and see if you've also had spam left in yours. I've done some random checks and haven't found any more but there are far too many to check everyone's albums. I know there are spam comments but I'll be deleting them in a minute. It's empty spam albums within your albums that I need to know about.


Thanks :D

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I don't think you can delete photos. Only admin can since the upgrade so just PM me a link to the photo that needs to go and I'll do it for you.


A spam album is basically just an album within your album with no photos, just a title something like "Viagra". Anything in your albums which you didn't put there is suspicious so send me a link and I'll remove it. There are just too many for me to check them all individually so I'm hoping you'll all help me and keep an eye on your own albums regularly for anything unusual. Don't click on any links that appear as comments with your photos or albums either. I delete these regularly but it takes a while as they all need removing individually - a real pain :roll: .


Basically just be on the look out for anything which you didn't add to your albums yourselves. PM me and I'll remove them for you.


Thanks everyone.

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Oh no Kate, poor you! Not again.....


I've left my gallery album alone since the new gallery model was loaded. I can't get into it to load anything new, nor re-arrange any photos. It still has my 'real name' on it, which I asked James to delete. The gallery keeps asking me for a user name and password - I have never had one for either version of the gallery! :roll:


Load of pants if you ask me!

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