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Good afternoon. 

One of the hens is a notorious feather pecker. A month in isolation did not break this habit and sprays don’t seem to help either. 

My last resort was a bumpa bit which I’ve put on this morning. The larger ones had a lot of overhang so I went for a size down (30mm) I think. Does it look like it’s on correctly? It was a nightmare to fit and I don’t want to mess around stressing her out if not necessary. 

I’ve not seen her eat or drink since, though I’m informed it doesn’t prevent those behaviours. Think she may just be panicking a bit  


any advice from a pro is very much appreciated 



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Well it's on correctly, but it looks too long. She can't get used to her tongue having to get past that to scoop up pellets against her top beak and then pull them down her throat. She has a very short beak from the photo, so you may have the 25mm which is the shortest anyway. Check the size and leave her to get on with it. The feeders need to be deep filled so that she can reach the pellets and so does the drinker. If she's not drinking at the very least least tomorrow, you will have to take it out and separate her permanently I think.

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On 5/27/2023 at 8:23 PM, Hens1985 said:

I have some 25s but they seem to snap as soon as try to open them up. I’ll see how she is tomorrow and may have to stick her in the dog crate until I can build her a new solo enclosure. 

Soak them in hot water before fitting. They tend to snap less that way.

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