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Chickens roosting on top of the coop

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We've had our chickens for 15 months and for the last couple of weeks (since the recent hot weather) our chickens have got into the habit of roosting on top of their coop. 

This didn't happen in the really hot weather last year. We have on occasions moved them back inside but the next night they tend to roost on the top of the coop again.

We had an auto door fitted in January which closes after they are roosting.

Obviously we're concerned about their safety at night ... Any advice ?



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Do you have an Omlet coop or a wooden coop?

Maybe first have a look inside the coop to see if it isn’t infested with things like red mite or something. 

If not, I would block the top of the coop, maybe with a big box or tub of some kind to prevent them sleeping on top.

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I had this with mine although it was sometime ago so can't remember if it was warm or not.I've got a walk-in run so  attached chicken wire from the roof in a rough box shape so it went around the top of the eglu and folded the edges into the rim so it stayed put. Mine is up quite high though .I did try putting tubs on top of it but they kept just flying up and knocking them off .

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