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Sarah 2


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I seem to remember Poet making some :) . Hang on, I'll call her ....

Poet !!


I'm sure she'll be here soon :D . (If not, you could always pm her :wink: )


you rang? :D


I use this one but only use a tsp of WWV, I think a tbsp is too much and it makes it too vinegary oh and I use either 200ml of ground nut oil and 25 ml of light olive oil or 225ml of either, depends what I've got in the cupboard. Must be LIGHT olive oil though.


I whizz up all ingredients except the oil in a food processor then drizzle the oil in very slowly with the processor still going.



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Thanks for the replies. :D We don't have a food processor though. :shock::oops: Will I be able to make mayonnaise without one :?::?


do you have an electric whisk? just makes the job a lot easier as it's a lot of whisking.

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Poet Wrote
do you have an electric whisk?


No we don't!! :shh::oops: I think I need to add it to the list of things to get. :roll: Making my own mayonnaise doesn't seem like such a great idea anymore.


You can make it using a hand whisk but it means a lot of whisking - the end result is well worth the effort though. It takes 10 minutes or so of continual whisking to get a batch of mayonnaise.

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Christian wrote
I bought this one a year ago and it is wonderful!!


The link didn't work. :(


Argos have their new catalogue out - I spent all last evening sorting out what we needed and writing the numbers down because I can't read them in the shop catalogue if I forget my glasses.............. nothing was available because they've changed the numbers :? They frequently use the same numbers even when the catalogue changes, but not this time.

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