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somerfield chicken

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I get a lot of my basics from our local somerfields they are really cheap, yesterday I was looking at their budget chicken (I never buy it) & spotted most of it comes from Poland, France & Germany - why?? I was chatting to a lady at the counter about it & lots of other shoppers overheard the conversation & started putting their chicken back & searching for UK sourced stock. result!! after all the press coverage recently maybe somerfield will start to stock free range chicken - I couldn't find any yesterday.

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I was going to buy some free range chicken from Morrisons today, but all tey had were a couple of organic birds, about 10 freedom food ones and loads of standard ones, I am hoping that this is due to demand outsripping supply rather than policy.


I hope that the free range producers can keep up with demand because if they can't people will get back into their old ways again. It would have been a good idea for both Hugh and Jamie to warn the producers of free range to get a few more chicks in in plenty of time for the upturn in demand.


I chose not to buy chicken today because the organic birds were too small to make taking the meat off the bone worth while so I thought that I would leave them for someone who wanted a small roasting bird.

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my sainsburys online delivery has just come.


I ordered organic thighs and fillets and they sent me standard. :evil:


Delivery driver said sales have gone through the roof. He asked if I had only ordered free range as a result of the programmes, I told him no and that i was well aware of chicken welfare because I have my own in the back garden, he was very suprised and said "blimey, you cant get eggs fresher than that".....


maybe i can convince him to buy an eglu next time! :think::lol:

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I also found empty spaces on the shelves of my local Tesco, where the organic and free range chicken products should have been. I was shocked to say the least, the area was featured on breakfast TV recently for having the highest unemployment rate in the country or something similar.


I never thought to check the country of origin on the meat though, will do next time :D

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