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One of amber stars has laid an egg!

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One of T and S has laid their first egg!!!!

It was on the lawn, in the open, in some mud and had probably been in the rain all night. :lol: Not broody then :lol:

It is surprisingly large, much bigger than Beth's. I will post a picture after work tonight.

T to me seems more upright and mature chicken shaped, and did a Beth squat with wings slightly out (as opposed to just sitting down which I though was a squat for months :oops:) Susannah raced over to me on her own when I went towards it, but maybe she was after food? :? Can't really watch them to see who did it as busy at work all this week*, then away for weekend :(


You'll have to watch out Phil the chicken........ :shock:


* They're letting me educate young impressionable minds in undergraduate practicals-fools!

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