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Moving Wallpaper

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Have watched it a couple of times. Him Indoors thinks it hysterical.


Clever concept.


Have chatted to a couple of colleagues and they just don't get the idea that Echo Beach is a spoof, and not a new soap.


Dread to think what their take on reproduction and the need (or lack of need) for roosters is. :?

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I missed the first 2 because i was watching the chicken programmes. Tonight I didn't feel like it after 2 Corries. But it is a clever idea, has some good actors in it and I wanted to watch. I'll have a look one day I expect.

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thought this was about moving wallpaper - as in the moving the wallpaper on your wall or computer screen wallpaper :oops::oops:


It's been a very very long morning/afternoon shopping with Charlie for new clothes (the child must stop growing) and skiing stuff for her school trip.........my brain is a bit frazzled and tired :roll::roll:


I was going to sky+ the series but we were aready recording 2 things and it was my turn to lose out :( As you've all recommended it, I'll try to download it when I get a mo




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