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Hi - I've got a problem with the metal clip on the poo tray of my mk2 eglu. Basically it's bent & I when I shove the tray back in, it's not locking as it should do. I have to sort of hook my finger in and help it into the little notch on the base, so that it locks. I'm a bit worried about when we go away, if my chicken sitter will manage it. So does anyone know if you can buy a new clip from Omlet?





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I have to push mine up as I push the tray up on my eglu too. I have no problem with it and its quite simple so I'm sure a 'sitter could do it but I would definitely get a new clip if I were you as I sliced my finger on mine once and you really wouldnt want that to happen to someone doing you a favour. In fact could you let me know if they do sell you one seperately please.

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