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Coop lighting for the winter

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Wondering whether I should get a solar-powered light for my Eglu Cube mk2 for the winter. Wondered what other peoples' experiences were and whether it made a difference to egg production. Also, do you have any make/model suggestions? Thanks.

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Aside from chickens needing a break of at least two weeks from laying for reasons of their good health, we have tried a light in the coop to extend their laying period. It used to come on at 4.00 am, so they can roost normally first thing at night. Big problem was, because they then needed food and water in there, the mess in the coop. Unable to go outside (and they wouldn't anyway because it was dark) they proceeded to scratch around in the bedding which had been poo'd on during the night. So we have chickens, feeder and drinker covered in it all. Soon scrapped the idea of lighting. We still have the control unit, lights and the large battery (which now powers the electric fence). Yes, we did have more eggs, but the extra cost of bedding and spoiled food plus the time needed cleaning every morning meant ,for us, it wasn't worth it.

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