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Scottish National Poultry Show

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I'm going up to the show tomorrow in Perth - never been to a show before so looking forward to it. I've heard it can be very noisy - can you imagine the noise a couple of your chooks make, add in a cockerel and multiply it by a couple of thousand :shock: .

Anybody want me to sneak anything out under my coat? :lol:

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Well, back from the show - nice drive up and amazed at the amount of flooding in Perthshire, loads of rivers burst their banks so huge lakes where fields should have been, and a couple of farmhouses under water :( .

Anyway, there were hundreds and hundreds of cages of tiny little birds :shock: - mostly fancy fowl like Shamo, Asil and Indian Game and bantams of all breeds (I didn't realise some bantams are so tiny).

Large fowl were in the minority but saw some beautiful Orps, Brahmas, Wyandottes etc.

Also saw a lot of really pretty little ducks.

I quite enjoyed it and met a couple of folk but don't think I'd go to another - I feel it's more for the 'fancy' breeders and some of the birds seemed quite distressed by it all (to be fair some were sleeping or didn't seem bothered), but it was good to see what it's like.

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I always fancied having a nosy at the poultry at the Lanark Show/Market but I'm not sure if it still happens. I would only go to look as I'd heard that some of the birds weren't very well and I didn't feel confident enough to really pick a goodie! I would love a couple of Brahmas but have found them quite difficult to source. I did hatch out some eggs but only one survived and he had to be rehomed! When I restart our chicken empire, i've got a very specific list of birds i really like to have!


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