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With apologies to almost all of the forum members.......

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it was rugby - and it wasn't a great game - it was a very picky game with numerous mistakes on both sides - with a few more on England's side.


no tries - just penalties - all the result of petty mistakes... dire stuff from two quite dire and mediocre teams...


but... Scotland DID win - fair play.. :D


anyone want to share my bag of sour grapes? I've got plenty!



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Fair play - Scotland won..


(and I'm a sore loser!!! :D )


but I heard the commentator describe it as going down as one of the greatest wins in Scotland's history..


If England had won such a s"Ooops, word censored!"py game by a couple of penalties it would have been described as a shambles (which was what it was!)



On that form, neither team will have any confidence going into the world cup..


mind you - neither will Wales or France


Phil - still chewing those sour grapes - and now sucking a bitter lemon too!

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:P Scotland, Scotland, Scotland ........... :P:P:P .


Born in England, Raised for 18yrs in Scotland .... and silently cheering in my own home for the blues :wink: .


Well done lads .... had my doubts, but they also beat the French, which is unheard of too ... a little morality boost at last, now they have a half decent team again.

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Well done Scotland. I thought it was a good game and I'm not Scottish.


Richard "Taffy" T

:( today?




The first 20 minutes looked good for Wales, but then Jonesy got injured and we just seemed to lose direction. And Ireland played better than us.


Oh well. Never mind. It's St David's Day on Wednesday and we'll have Welsh Cakes made with eggs from our own chickens! :D




Richard T

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And then on Tuesday its pancake day!! :D:D:D:D:D

Love 'em, love 'em love 'em.

Try not to eat them as the old waistline is still not right from having 5 of 5.


I want some of Phils grapes. Sat on the couch at a friends last week saying 'Scotland'll never do it, not on form, blah, blah...' and she caught me at the school this morning and gloated in my face! :(

I s'pose I deserved it though.

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