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Chicken Politics

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I know for most people introducing new chickens or even just getting your first lot can be a little stressfull with the establishing of the pecking order, but I find it really interesting and amusing to watch.


For instance, mine is in free fall at the moment with all the changes happening. Bertha has just gone straight to the top of the pile, which I wondered if that was because the others thought it was Missy still. But Bumble, nomally very low in the pecking order gives her the odd peck as if to say 'you dont fool me, I know who you are'. In the mean time Dippy was doing well in second place, firmly asserting herself, but she bit off a bit more than she could chew when new girl Perdy was introduced, being the new girl she went straight to the bottom of the pack but had a stand off with Dippy, who was trying to tell her who was boss, but actaully was the one to back down, now this is starting to undermine her authority with the others who are wondering why she stays out of the way of her. The Araucana (still unnamed) remains the dark horse, clearly trying to settle in unoticed before slowly making a bid to establish herself further up the chain as she give all the others the odd peck. Meanwhile Ginger is happy just to have a new girl so she isnt at the bottom anymore and can have her own whipping boy.



Anyone else have their own chicken sagas?


Here is new girl Perdy by the way


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I'm just in the process of introducing two bantam newbies to a singleton, following the demise of our Speckledy. We were expecting the resident bantam, who is a typically mouthy little Wyandotte, to be tops from the word go, but Pepper is living up to her fiery moniker and has been pulling Angelica's back-feathers whenever she comes near enough! Meanwhile little Nutmeg just stands around quietly, and was happy to roost with Angelica whilst Pepper was still pacing the cage well into the evening :roll:


I now have the Spice Girls separated from Angelica during the day (using a 3' x 2' wire panel slid between the unclipped halves of the eglu run), and let them back together to roost at night. Hopefully they'll settle down eventually!

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Gorgeous new girl Cat - should lay you nice white eggs too! 8) I think when you have a larger group, it does become very interesting seeing who is top chook and watching how things change depending on who is laying or not! Bella, my gold campine, is smallest of mine and was initially bottom of the pecking order. But once she started laying she got really feisty and soon put some of the bigger ones in their places! I could watch them for ages 8)

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