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Carol U

Will They Ever Share Food?

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Help please from anyone who has integrated new hens! My old girls have accepted the new ones in every way except food. They happily freerange together and put themselves to bed together, but don't seem to think the new girls should eat. When we open the eglu door in the morning, the old two rush out and help themselves to breakfast, but won't allow the new ones out of the eglu at all. We have to get them out of the run completely before the newbies can eat. They also have total hissy fits about sharing treats. Is this likely to be permanent, or will they get over it? It's all very well while I'm here to supervise, but I worry about the new ones going hungry when I'm out. Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

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That's quite normal behaviour while they are asserting their authority! Just put out extra feed and drink stations as a temporary measure, they can't guard them all at once! Also, scatter plenty of treats, making sure the newbies get some too. They tend to forget their animosity if there is plenty of food around :lol:


I used to open the egg port and reach in and put a dish of food and water through the eglu door, so there was food at each end. 8)

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