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Mad eBay feedback changes

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Thought I would post this heads up for other ebay sellers on here,


eBay,in their infinite wisdom have made fairly swweping changes to the feedback system,the biggest being that buyers will only be able to recieve positive feedback :shock:

So,if you have a buyer who fails to pay you (a non paying bidder) you will no longer be able to warn others by leaving negative feedback.

Same as if a cheque bounces,or you get a threatening buyer.

I can also envisage buyers demanding thier seller leaves them a pos,with the threat of a neg.


Mad :roll:

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Thanks. That is interesting. I suppose logically you have very little control over who buys your goods so is negative feedback for buyers really necessary :? And it does say that they will be more accountable if they do not pay or violate any other clauses (although not sure what this means in practice).


They must have their reasons but to be honest I cannot see how this is an improvement :?

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I don't like this idea because it could leave sellers open to negative feedback. Having said that I had a non paying bidder before Christmas and opened a dispute in order to get my final value fee back, but the person was a zero feedback who i think had just been messing around bidding on a few things and there seemed little point in leaving negative because they were not active on Ebay after those few transactions.

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